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SOCIAL LIFE MAGAZINE - Joie de Effervescence - Christie Brinkley  

By Devorah Rose
Photography By Gian Andrea di Stefano

Bubbly, golden, shining, whimsical . . . these adjectives can describe both Christie Brinkley as well as her inimitable or­ganic prosecco and sparkling wines. On a warm summer day in Montauk, Christie held court at The Surf Lodge surrounded by her beautiful family, friends, and lots of sun-kissed party­goers toasting her ever-growing line of Bellissima wines...

Jack + G Loopdie gold earring, $44,

Jack + G Loopdie gold earring, $44,

VOGUE - So Wrong, It's Right: The offbeat Cool of Mismatched Earrings

By Marjon Carlos
Edited by Sarah Fischer

Misplacing an earring is perhaps one of the saddest—and sadly familiar—sagas of fashion. You become attached to a particular pair, and then one day a single dangler goes missing. Lost in a taxi? Swept under a rug? Dog buried it in the back yard? Who knows, but before you go ransacking your house in search of the AWOL piece, consider it a blessing in disguise. As the Fall 2016 runways of LoeweSimone Rocha, and Proenza Schouler proved, mixing your mismatched earrings has never been chicer.

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Photographed by Enrique Vega
Styled by Newheart Ohanian
Modeled by Zuzanna Bijoch

Featured jewelery in May 2018 issue of Vogue Taiwan, including cover. 

This Talon curves to the shape of your lobe. The effect? Stunning and edgy

This Talon curves to the shape of your lobe. The effect? Stunning and edgy

INSTYLE - 11 Single Earrings That You Can Mix and Match

By Andrea Cheng

There's strength in numbers, for sure, but we love the fearlessly independent single. Yes, we're talking about earrings. Deliberately mixing an ear jacket with a crawler or a simple stud with a bold drop earring (celebrity proof, Emma Watsonabove) creates this intriguing, not to mention, effortlessly cool, effect that you wouldn't find in your average matched set. And now that more jewelry designers are selling their earrings separately, mastering the art of mixed earrings is easier than ever. Take the asymmetric approach (beauty is in imperfection, after all) and start mingling with these singles.

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INSTYLE -10 Brilliant Jewelry Designers Who Do Custom Engagement Rings

By Andrea Cheng

When my boyfriend and I had "the talk" about getting engaged, we decided to tackle this overwhelmingly huge life moment together. That way, the stress and burden of picking out the perfect ring is lifted for him, and I get a design I truly love. We set out to look at engagement rings, trekking all over Manhattan and Brooklyn and scheduling appointments at jewelry stores. But to my disappointment, I didn't find anything that resonated with me. And then a colleague of mine suggested we build a custom ring. Cue the breakthrough moment.