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Jack and G – Squarespace + Knicks Grant Presentation

1.       Companies Mission Statement: To create timeless everyday jewelry that is elegant, sometimes edgy but always easy to wear.

2.       Companies Values:
- Genuine
-Community driven
-Customer committed

 3.       2017/2018 Revenue:  $207,049.00

 4.       Marketing Strategy:

Future plans include continued SEO overhaul guaranteeing all metadata and tags are unique and relevant to the content we are offering. Using the tools within Squarespace to bolster our understanding of our target buyers, locations and top selling pieces to help guide future marketing campaigns.  Sending emails on a regular basis to our hundreds of newsletter subscribers and possibly the addition of paid advertisements such as Google AdWords.  We have refrained from online advertising as it often comes off as invasive and annoying.  But we understand there is a time and place for all marketing and advertising and we hope to gain some insight into the right and wrong ways of going about advertisements from the business mentorship.  

 5.       Scale/Distribution Strategy:

Our distribution strategy currently consists of four channels of sales:

1.       Online retail sales through our website

2.       Wholesale orders through our expanding network of stockists nationwide

3.       Retail markets and pop-ups throughout the year

4.       Custom orders, mainly engagement and wedding rings

5.       Future plans: Direct sales to clients and new customers via our new Brooklyn based flagship store including classes and workshops to build community

Our goal is to fund the initial startup costs associated with opening a small retail storefront.  This space will allow us to relocate the workshop from out of our home, increase our customer base through foot traffic, increase credibility of brand by offering customers a destination to try on and interact with the jewelry and provide a fun engaging space where customers can see how jewelry is made and even take courses to learn the basics of jewelry design and fabrication.

6.       Detailed Plan for $30K prize money:

Our plan for the $30,000 would be to use a majority of it to cover the startup cost of opening a retail storefront and completely fund the monthly operating cost for the first six months. The calculation below is based on an existing storefront in a well trafficked area.  $73.60/SF/Yr for a perfectly sized 375sq ft retail storefront in Prospect Heights, Brooklyn located at 788 Franklin Avenue. https://www.loopnet.com/Listing/788-Franklin-Ave-Brooklyn-NY/14105922/

30k breakdown