Chain Mail

As the chain mail expands and contracts with the slightest movement of the wrist the flat forged rings and long hanging fringe glisten as the surface undulates across the bodies subtle curves. The tactile and visual experience is complimented by a soothing auditory register of a far off wind chime, not loud enough to be bothersome but gentle enough to entice meditative contemplation. 



Ebony Ring


The ring started with a piece of scrap ebony, originally intended to be used as the fret board of a guitar. The rejected pieces were salvaged from the scrap bin of a guitar repair shop.  After cutting and shaping the dense wood into a faceted rectangle, reminiscent of an emerald cut stone, we created a complimentary setting.  Inspiration came from the surrounding bridges and architecture of New York City, and the design began to take an Art Deco feel.  The final detail was filling a small dimple on the ebony originally intended for the fret markers.  Instead of using the typical mother of pearl, we decided to compliment the brass with a small gold sphere. The is a perfect representation of how we can take materials once destined for landfills and rethink their purpose in our lives.